Sand Products

Brown River Sand (Fine Masonry Sand)

This sand is cleaned and washed to a very fine texture and is most commonly used in the construction industry for block and brick masons. This product is also used for a base for swimming pools, horse riding arenas, playgrounds, and topdressing golf courses and lawns.

Bunker Sand (Yellow Sand)

This sand is a yellow sand that is used on golf courses for bunkers. This product is also used for horse arenas and athletic fields.

Coarse Concrete Sand

This is a brown sand used in laying patio pavers and is also used by concrete companies in making concrete and concrete products such as blocks, stepping stones, etc.

White Sand

This sand is snow white in color and is used in the masonry industry to create a white mortar look between bricks on homes and commercial buildings.


2″ River Rock

Sometimes known as gravel, this natural river rock is used commonly as ground cover, for driveways or decorative as a dry riverbed, in flower gardens and landscaping. Pea gravel and the 3/4”- 2” sizes of river rock are commonly used for paths and walkways as it has a smoother finish and is easy to walk upon.

3/4″ River Rock

A brown river gravel used mostly for landscaping and driveways.

5/8″ Pea Gravel

A small brown river gravel used mostly for landscaping and driveways.


Quarter Down (Screenings)

This is a base material mostly used for walkways, patios, and horse arenas.

Crusher Run

This rock consists of a mixture of screenings and 3/4" crushed limestone. It is used on driveways and base compaction.

3/4″ Limestone Gravel 57/67

This crushed rock is used for driveways, as a base material and for drainage.

1-1 1/2″ Limestone Gravel TDOT #4

This crushed rock is used for driveways, drainage, and as a base material.

2″ – 3″ Stone


Fill Dirt


Screened Topsoil


2″ – 4″ Capstone

Split Tennessee Limestone Grey

Split Tennessee Limestone

Limestone Boulders

Limestone Boulders

One Ton Bags of Product

One Ton Bags of Sand